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Memes are essential to digital life.

iDoge is a IRC-2 token on the Icon Blockchain that started at 4/20/2022 and is set to be the most recognisable meme-coin in the Icon community. With the iDoge NFT Collection we are trying to raise funds that will make it possible to grow the project and the community.

The iDoge Meme NFT Collection

The iDoge NFT Meme Collection is a collection of 6969 unique NFT’s. Each NFT has its own unique name and traits. Some traits are more rare than others.

For each NFT an address owns there will be iDoge airdripped daily, for a period of one year. The more unique your iDoge NFT is, the more daily iDoge you are rewarded.


To most Iconist the airdrip is a familiar concept; A recurring aidrop. For every NFT an address owns there will be iDoge airdripped daily, for a period of one year.

The maximum daily base reward for a NFT is 25.000 iDoge and the exact daily reward is determined by:

- The mojo of the NFT; The mojo is determined by the rarity of its traits and also some randomness. The raw daily reward for a NFT is 25000 × mojo %.

rawDailyReward = 25000 * mojo %

- The amount of NFT’s owned by the address. For each NFT you own you will get 10% multiplier on all of your NFT’s, with a maximum of a 400% multiplier.

- The percentage of the collection sold. The actual daily reward is:

dailyReward = rawDailyReward * soldPercentage * multiplier


All payments will be routed through the Craft contract, contributing 2.5% of all sales to Craft, Icon’s most important NFT marketplace.

Pre Sale

Prior to the collection being released to the public there will be a pre-sale. Only whitelisted participants will be able to mint from the collection during the Pre-Sale. The maximum amount each whitelisted address can mint is 200.

Join the Discord server to find out how to get whitelisted.

The collection will be publicly available 1 week after the pre-sale is finished. The collection will be tradable on Craft.


Depending on the success of the pre-sale, the roadmap below may be updated. If there is not enough funding to cover the costs of development the dates on the roadmap can not be guaranteed. Likewise, if the pre-sale is successful the roadmap can be extended to cover the full project and more.

The iDoge meme dream is to be THE og meme brand within the Icon Ecosystem. We also hope to expand MTP to all the communities within the Icon Ecosystem.


The Creation & first distribution of the iDoge Token

Pre Sale

Pre Sale of the iDoge NFT Meme Collection


iDoge Collection tradable on

Public Sale

Public Sales open


Implement Swap Protocol on


Connecting new Discord communities to MTP


Whatever meme-ery iDogeLabs can think of